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The Eclipse in the News

Total solar eclipse over South Carolina

Americans will get a front-row seat at a dazzling sky show two years from now when the next total solar eclipse passes directly over the middle of the country, an event that has prompted many observers to start calling it "the Great American Eclipse."

The best places to see this summer's 'Great American Total Solar Eclipse'

A mighty darkness is about to descend upon the land, and sky watchers couldn't be more thrilled.

Columbia, SC eyes solar eclipse bonanza

2 minutes and 36 seconds of complete darkness, that's what will have millions flocking to Columbia, South Carolina next year to view the once-in-a-lifetime transcontinental solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipse over South Carolina

After traversing the United States from Oregon in just 94 minutes, the Great American Eclipse of 2017 leaves the United States at South Carolina.

The day the sun disappears is coming

Two months from today, on August 21, the sun will disappear across America. For a swath of the country from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina, it will look like someone just turned off the sun in the middle of the day.