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About the Partners Program

More than 20 years ago, the Partners Program was born with the intent to pair dedicated scholarship donors with the students who benefit from their philanthropy. To date, Partners donors have supported the dreams and endeavors of more than 1,000 students.

The Partners Program unites deserving students with donors who have the opportunity to see the direct and immediate impact of their investment through student success. The Furman Advantage promises to provide an individualized pathway for every student. All students have the opportunity to participate in meaningful experiences including study away, research and internships.

The Partners Program supports The Furman Advantage by funding student scholarships and experiences. Investments through the Partners Program enable our students to engage, push, and power transformation. Creating a Partners scholarship fund allows donors to express their support of the experiences that made their Furman degree so valuable.

Through the Partners Program we are expanding the opportunity for alumni, parents and friends to invest in the success of our students by supporting their personalized pathway. Donors can now partner to help provide each student with these individualized experiences through annual investments or by creating an endowment that will support students in perpetuity.

Contact us about supporting a Furman student today by calling ‍864.294.3436.