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democratic primary

How national politics fueled a ‘red wave’ to keep Republicans in power in South Carolina

The Greenville News cites data from the State Election Commission that shows 54.8 percent of South Carolina voters cast ballots in the midterm elections. And the turnout was even greater in Greenville County at 57 percent. Furman University Politics and International Affairs Professor Danielle Vinson was quoted in an article about the results, saying voters’ strong sentiments […]

amy jonason

Commutes for Greenville residents growing longer

If it feels as though commute time is getting longer in Greenville, it really is. According to 2017 Census Bureau data, Greenvillians are spending about four minutes more getting to and from work than they did the year before. Furman Assistant Professor of Sociology Amy Jonason helps explain why in an article appearing in the […]

College students and credit cards

Furman Business Professor Tom Smythe talks about the pros and cons of college students having a credit card in their own name in a Q & A for Wallet Hub.

democratic primary

It’s the ‘Year of the Woman’ in politics, but which side will that help?

Furman Politics and International Affairs Professor Danielle Vinson weighs in on a story appearing in The Columbus Dispatch. The piece explores what the ‘Year of the Woman’ in politics will mean for women voters and women running for Congress. Said Vinson, “[The Supreme Court confirmation hearing] has the potential to activate women in some ways […]

chronic wasting disease

South Carolina wildlife officials consider new hunting rule to keep deadly deer disease at bay

Chronic wasting disease isn’t just bad for the animals it infects, it can also affect the very ecosystems on which the animals depend. CWD disease is a contagious, neurological illness affecting deer, elk, and moose populations throughout North America, according to a report in Greenville Journal. While South Carolina wildlife populations have been spared, state Department […]

Memory’s surprising role in child death trials

Furman University psychology professor Gil Einstein goes on record in The Crime Report about a form of forgetting that leads to tragic consequences. Einstein and fellow researcher Mark McDaniel say that the act of unintentionally leaving a child in a vehicle isn’t about bad parenting. Rather, it’s a catastrophic failure of prospective memory–the part of […]

South Carolina holds back about 354 third-graders who struggle to read

Furman Education Professor Paul Thomas is quoted in a Post and Courier story about more than 350 South Carolina third-graders who were held back because of reading deficiencies. “Three hundred and fifty-four students retained is still 354 too many,” Thomas said. “As long as we use tests as our primary or sometimes sole indicator on what […]