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About those really weird dreams

Psychology professor Erin Wamsley’s research is cited in an article about why we dream and how it’s connected to our waking hours.

Memory’s surprising role in child death trials

Furman University psychology professor Gil Einstein goes on record in The Crime Report about a form of forgetting that leads to tragic consequences. Einstein and fellow researcher Mark McDaniel say that the act of unintentionally leaving a child in a vehicle isn’t about bad parenting. Rather, it’s a catastrophic failure of prospective memory–the part of […]

‘Nobody in their right mind’ …

Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America leader LeDayne McLeese Polaski '89 makes inroads toward embracing Hispanics on both sides of the border.

2018 Senior Spotlight

Our Senior Spotlights illuminate - from the lab to the links, the classroom to the stage, study away to activism - the unique journeys that lead to graduation.