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Furman University will host Islam Awareness Week on campus Oct. 22-Nov. 2 as the university addresses the fundamental challenges related to the topic of Islam in America.

Furman hosts Islam Awareness Week

Islam Awareness Week includes opportunities for the Greenville Community to learn more about Islam with events focusing on various aspects of the American Islamic experience.

danielle vinson

It’s the ‘Year of the Woman’ in politics, but which side will that help?

Furman Politics and International Affairs Professor Danielle Vinson weighs in on a story appearing in The Columbus Dispatch. The piece explores what the ‘Year of the Woman’ in politics will mean for women voters and women running for Congress. Said Vinson, “[The Supreme Court confirmation hearing] has the potential to activate women in some ways […]

Increasing voter turnout

A group of Furman students are using a grassroots effort to inspire their classmates to register to vote.

Time for election reform

In an op-ed, professor Brent Nelsen writes that voters are becoming irrelevant to the process of selecting leaders in South Carolina.