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Paul Thomas

Diversity and academic bias

The writings of Education Professor Paul Thomas are cited in an opinion piece by two University of Texas at El Paso professors.

Today is Furman Engaged!

Today's annual daylong event is dedicated to highlighting the diverse and immersive learning experiences available through The Furman Advantage.

academic awards

Students receive top academic awards

More than 80 awards were conferred upon students representing all disciplines from mathematics and natural sciences to the social sciences and the arts.

Paul Thomas

Deja vu all over again

Education Professor Paul Thomas wonders why South Carolina is in a constant state of education reform.

Something Brought You Here

There are numerous reasons why students choose to attend Furman, and a new video expresses what makes the university such a special place.

Lilllian Brock Flemming

Lillian’s from Southernside

Lillian Brock Flemming '71 (M '75) reflects on her public life, servant leadership and plans for her "Southernside" roots.