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Author: Jenny Munro, Contributing Writer Archive

Beats and balances

  Vincent Izzo ’16 doesn’t just hear music, he sees it. “I experience music in colors and shapes. I see it happening” he said. Izzo, who is a double major in accounting and music, possesses a rare ability known as synesthesia, and what he sees depends on the music genre. “Electronic music evokes wires and […]

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Furman ranks third nationally in pass rate for first-time CPA test takers

Do you want to attend an elite graduate accounting program after college? Do you aspire to work in one of the Big Four accounting firms or a large regional firm? Do you want to be among the best of the best in the accounting profession? If the answers are yes, Furman University’s small but rigorous […]

Pilot programs aim to speed degree completion for UES students

“If we’re not adapting, we’re falling behind,” director of Furman’s Undergraduate Evening Studies (UES), Beth Crews, said during a recent discussion about the evolutionary leaps higher education has taken in the last two decades. “And the pilots we’ve launched this summer,” she continued, “are an effort to propel UES towards the mindful growth and adaptation […]

Straight Talk SC: Thinking outside the cell

South Carolina and the nation have a problem with the criminal justice system—the U.S. prison population soared over the past four decades, resulting in overcrowded prisons, devastated communities, and burdened tax payers. In addition, the national news has been full of police shootings of unarmed citizens and the often violent reaction of communities and others. […]

Riley Institute lays groundwork for New Tech schools in South Carolina

South Carolina’s educational system needs a push if the state is to continue to compete well in a global economy. The Riley Institute at Furman and its partners are working toward that transformation. The innovative New Tech Network design focuses on project-based learning across multiple disciplines and a one-to-one computer ratio. It is based on […]

A voice for Greenville’s seniors

Furman University’s Senior Leaders Greenville is designed for people who aren’t ready to retire from life and who want to learn more about the issues and challenges facing their age group. The program “helps them to be a voice for their peers,” said Nancy Kennedy, director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Furman. Program […]

Folly Beach in South Carolina

The price of preservation

When your classroom is a beach, taking a course in the summer becomes significantly more enticing. But the seven students who took the Ecological Economics May Experience class weren't there for surfing lessons. John Quinn, Ph.D. and Melanie Cozad, Ph.D. led the class which included a three-day trip to the South Carolina coast where students surveyed residents and tourists at Folly Beach to see how much they would be willing to spend to add 20 feet of sand to the shoreline.

Furman interns

Business at the top of the world

New York businesses beckoned—and 21 Furman students and two professors headed to the economic hub of the United States. About 60 percent of the students participating in Furman’s Business at the Top of World class during the three-week May Experience program in New York City were business, accounting, or economics majors. They were joined by […]

An educated state

When Paul Batson began teaching in the Furman Undergraduate Evening Studies (UES) program, he was younger than most of his students. Now, after four decades, he is still teaching and still learning. President of Batson Accounting & Tax, P.A. in Greenville and an adjunct instructor at Furman, Batson says that teaching “forces me to learn […]

James Rich named Gig Meredith Outstanding Student of the Year

James Rich, who moved to the Upstate to attend Furman University’s Evening Undergraduate Program, was recently named the Francis “Gig” Meredith Student of the Year. After growing up in Valdosta, Ga., Rich attended Valdosta State University for two semesters and then joined the U.S. Air Force. “I wanted some excitement,” he said, joining a para […]