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Beth Crews Archive

The business and technology of water

CIO Jeff Diaz ’06 uses a data-driven approach to help SJWD get the most out of its tax millage and be good stewards of the basic need for water.

UES degree provides foundation for future success

A business valuation expert with BDO Consulting and adjunct instructor at Tufts University in Boston, Alicia Amaral’s professional and educational journey included an unplanned stop at Furman University. The Undergraduate Evening Studies graduate was only one year away from earning her degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts when her husband’s job transfer brought her to Greenville.

Meet Peggy Batchelor

Take one look at her resume and it’s clear, Peggy Batchelor defines versatility. She has seamlessly maneuvered between multiple roles throughout her career in both academia and in the corporate world. She taught as an adjunct instructor at Cal Poly and Cal State (LA) while working in the corporate world; taught full-time in the Furman […]

From a D to a C-Suite

Seated in her office at the NEXT Innovation Center surrounded by white boards brimming with ideas and plans, Melissa Patterson reflects on her unexpected path to becoming the “queen of all trades” at Servosity, a NEXT ecosystem partner tenant. The first in her family to earn an undergraduate degree, she sometimes can’t believe how the […]