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Sen. Tim Scott’s pro-Trump fundraising letter raises question of who it’s meant for

Black man in suit, Sen. Tim Scott
Sen. Tim Scott

A fundraising letter from the Sen. Tim Scott campaign in the last few months has left voting rights advocates and academics scratching their heads over the piece’s intended audience. Furman University’s Teresa Cosby and Danielle Vinson, both professors of politics and international affairs at the university, comment in an article appearing in The Greenville News.

“When I read this letter, there’s a lot of coded language in the letter and messages,” said Cosby who explores the intersection between politics and race. “It’s clear that the messaging is not for Black voters. The message is for conservative, white voters who support Donald Trump.”

Vinson said, “Scott has decided the approach for him, at least for reelection in 2022, is going to be to embrace Trump because it’s certainly not a dangerous position to take in South Carolina.”

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