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Furman University Board of Trustees Approves Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Furman University

During its spring meeting on May 20, the Furman University Board of Trustees approved the promotions and/or tenure for a number of faculty members.

Eight members of the faculty were promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure: Christopher T. Alvin (Computer Science), Loribeth M. Alvin (Mathematics), Matthew C. Cohen (Earth, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences), Linnea R. Freeman (Biology), Joseph J. Merry (Sociology), Christian R. Millichap (Mathematics), Laura L. Morris (English) and Claire E. Whitlinger (Sociology).

Mary Elizabeth Anderson (Chemistry) and Eunice Rojas (Modern Languages and Literatures) were granted tenure.

Eight faculty members were promoted to the rank of professor: Marianne Bessy (Modern Languages and Literatures), Nathaniel P.S. Cook (Economics), Michelle Horhota (Psychology), Jason C. Jones (Economics), Kenneth H. Kolb           (Sociology), W. D. Ross McClain (Art), Cinnamon A. Stetler (Psychology) and Joni Tevis (English).

John A. McArthur III (Communication Studies) was promoted to the rank of professor with tenure.

Laura E. Baker (Library) was promoted to the rank of associate librarian and Stephen T. Richardson (Library) was granted associate librarian emeritus status.

Six faculty members were granted emeritus professor status: T. Lloyd Benson (History), Robert E. Chance (Art), Susan S. D’Amato (Physics), Thomas W. Joiner (Music), Cherie C. Maiden (Modern Languages and Literatures) and A. Joseph Pollard II (Biology).

All promotions, tenure and emeritus statuses become effective Aug. 1.

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