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South Carolina political scientists: ‘What’s next for American politics?’

Rendered divided Capital in blue and red

In the wake of the 2020 general election, Ion Greenville poses questions to political scientists across the state of South Carolina: “Is there a political solution to the divide we are experiencing in the United States? What can the future president do politically to bring the country together, or is this highly polarized political situation here to stay?” Brent Nelsen and Jenna Storey, both professors of politics and international affairs at Furman University, offer their remarks.

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What we can learn from Native American politics

Danielle Vinson, professor of politics and international affairs, explains the relevance of treaties between Native American tribes and nations and the U.S. government.

Ian McPherson '23 delivers Giving Tree boxes.

Gallery: Fall Day of Service

The first Heller Service Corps Fall Day of Service showed Furman’s commitment to the community.

Petal prowess: Oconee bell wildflowers might be one giant organism

Ashley Morris and her biology students are studying whether or not all the Oconee bell wildflowers are actually one genetically identical organism.

Gavin George ’25

A grand passion

Gavin George ’25 hopes his passion for music can harmonize with his pre-med studies at Furman.