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Campus will resume normal operations Friday, Oct. 30

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Furman University

Update: Campus will resume normal operations on Friday, Oct. 30.

The Furman University campus will remain closed through today, Oct. 29, following Tropical Storm Zeta. All FurmanFlex classes will continue remotely for the entire day, unless professors have already made other arrangements. All in-person events, meetings and appointments are canceled.

All staff should continue to work remotely today, unless otherwise directed by supervisors.

With the exception of the Dining Hall, residence halls and apartments, all buildings on campus are closed. The Dining Hall will remain open to students during normal operating times.

Students and employees should use caution while on campus. Be aware of your surroundings, including fallen trees and limbs and wet surfaces.

Check the National Weather Service for the latest forecast and weather information.

Students, faculty and staff will receive text and email alerts in emergency situations. For up-to-date weather alerts and other emergency notifications, follow Furman on Twitter and Facebook or call the Furman weather line at 864-294-3766.

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