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Best ‘free’ credit cards

jonathan handy
Furman University Assistant Professor of Finance Jonathan Handy

WalletHub taps the expertise of Furman University Assistant Professor of Finance Jonathan Handy for his take on “free credit card” offers from lenders. While the lure of the word “free” is strong, Handy cautions would-be takers on the risk of building up too much debt in the near term that could be difficult to pay off later. “The [credit card] companies gamble that the average individual is not disciplined enough to curb their immediate spending habits and will incur long-lasting payments,” he said.

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Chemistry professor George Shields recognized for leadership in undergraduate research

Shields was named a fellow of the Council on Undergraduate Research.

The Furman bell tower

University to rededicate Furman Hall, unveil new plaque

The rededication is the latest action taken based on recommendations by the Task Force on Slavery and Justice.

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black history month

February is Black History Month

Furman University is celebrating Black History Month with events scheduled throughout the month of February.