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Hurricane Preparedness Information


Furman University

Hurricane Preparedness Information


  • Furman University officials closely monitor all tropical activity (tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes) that may pose a threat to the Greenville area.
  • Because Furman is located more than 200 miles from the South Carolina coast and 450 miles from the Gulf Coast, the university will always have ample time to plan appropriately for any threat that tropical activity might pose to the area once it makes landfall and begins to track inland.
  • Hurricanes weaken significantly after they make landfall and are often downgraded to tropical storms or depressions once they have moved over land. In fact, it’s not unusual for coastal residents who are evacuating to travel to Greenville to escape storms.
  • But remnants of a hurricane may still produce unsafe conditions on campus from high winds, falling trees and branches, localized flooding or loss of power. This is why the university continually monitors threatening weather conditions and is prepared for a variety of responses, which could include canceling classes and advising students to stay indoors until a storm no longer poses significant danger.
  • If a significant storm is predicted to impact the campus, students should consult with their families and discuss what is best for their individual situations when considering staying on campus or traveling.
  • There are times during inclement weather when it is safer to remain on campus than to travel elsewhere. Even if classes are canceled, essential student services, including housing and food service, will continue to operate. The university is also prepared to provide shuttle service (with 15-passenger vans) between the residence halls and the main areas of campus.
  • In rare situations during which the campus will need to be evacuated, the university will inform students and their families and provide the best possible direction and advice regarding traveling. Students and their families should consult and determine what is best for their situations.
  • In some situations, sheltering in place is the safest option, either short- or long-term. Under urgent circumstances, such as a tornado, the university will use the emergency alert system to provide directions.
  • As major storms approach and during inclement weather, Furman will provide regular updates about campus operations to students, faculty and staff. For up-to-date weather alerts and other emergency notifications, visit, follow Furman on Twitter and Facebook, or call the Furman weather line at 864-294-3766.
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