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Orientation excursion prepares international students for life at Furman

When Ahmed Al Ameri ’19 heard line dancing was on the agenda for international student orientation, he was a little apprehensive. “I’ve seen it in movies,” said Al Ameri, a native of Abu Dhabi. “I thought at first it was silly.” Within one week of arriving to South Carolina, Al Ameri had already surprised himself. […]

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Furman ranks third nationally in pass rate for first-time CPA test takers

Do you want to attend an elite graduate accounting program after college? Do you aspire to work in one of the Big Four accounting firms or a large regional firm? Do you want to be among the best of the best in the accounting profession? If the answers are yes, Furman University’s small but rigorous […]

A talent for bringing out the best

Just a few days after graduating with her elementary education degree from Furman, Madison Smith ’15 has happily taken the plunge into the world of adulthood. She’s rented her first house near downtown Greenville and purchased two white rocking chairs that she assembled herself to use for daily al fresco dinners on the front porch. […]

Education by design

Furman offers more than 40 majors, which may sound like a lot—especially if your graduation year begins with a 19. But in an ever-more-complex world, they barely scratch the surface of possible futures for a college freshman in 2015. There are nearly 1,500 academic programs available to undergraduates, and while places like the University of […]

Folly Beach in South Carolina

The price of preservation

When your classroom is a beach, taking a course in the summer becomes significantly more enticing. But the seven students who took the Ecological Economics May Experience class weren't there for surfing lessons. John Quinn, Ph.D. and Melanie Cozad, Ph.D. led the class which included a three-day trip to the South Carolina coast where students surveyed residents and tourists at Folly Beach to see how much they would be willing to spend to add 20 feet of sand to the shoreline.

Justice, equity, and politics

Coleman Allums ’14 was set to prepare his third and final go-around for a highly competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship when he learned he won an award in recent weeks. “I knew how competitive this source of funding is and how few are awarded in my field, so my expectations were modest,” says the Sustainability Science/Economics […]

STEM at Furman

Building a foundation with GoldieBlox

Named in honor of Dr. Harry B. Shucker, the Shucker Leadership Institute is a two-year program “designed to foster the development of emerging student leaders.” The application process begins the summer before classes start, and once completed students become Shucker Leadership Fellows.

A presidential appointment

When Sustainability Science/Spanish major Michael Robinson ’16 received an internship in the Executive Office of the President, Office of Energy and Climate Change, he thought he’d be in for a fair amount of administrative duties. “Surely they wouldn’t rely on interns to do much but help keep the office running,” Robinson recalls saying to himself. […]

The prolific professor

Average number of people who view daily posts on his blog, “The Becoming Radical”: 600-700 Average number of words he writes each day: 1,000+ Number of followers on Twitter: 4,086 Number of tweets since February 2011: 61,942 and counting… Paul Thomas, PhD., has a lot to say. Born with a brain he describes simply as […]

Mastering the “green” classroom

“Green thinking” has moved into classrooms, where students earn degrees specifically focused on sustainability studies or add an Earth-friendly spin to more traditional majors. Furman launched its sustainability science major in 2011, which allows students to explore connections between the environment, economics and social systems. The university’s efforts in this area were included in an […]