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America has never been a country of white people

David Gandolfo, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor at Furman

Philosophy professor David Gandolfo responds to claims by white nationalists that America is losing its white identity, and policies should be adopted to preserve that identity. In an opinion piece he wrote for The Greenville News, he says the narrative advanced by white supremacists and other groups who protested last weekend in Charlottesville, Va. is  false. Citing the populations of non-whites who occupied the country before whites ever claimed land in America, Gandolfo says, “The narrative that America is a white country wants to pretend that non-white people were not here, that their contributions were not essential to the building of America. But the truth is that America was built into the wealthiest, most powerful nation through the efforts of all who were here.”

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