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Campus facility summer improvements: what to expect for fall 2017

Vehicles will soon disappear on the Milford Mall, which will be converted to a pedestrian friendly area this summer.

Parts of campus will have a new look when students return in the fall.  Here are some major projects that will be completed over the summer.

Milford Mall conversion

This loop will be converted from a roadway frequented by vehicles to a pedestrian friendly area.  The asphalt road surface will be removed and replaced with pavers that will have the look and feel of cobblestones.  Bollards will be installed at the intersections to the Furman Mall to prevent vehicles from entering this area. The bollards will be spaced so that bikes and golf carts can easily access the mall.  The current handicapped parking spaces within Milford Mall will be relocated to the parking lots North and South of the Chapel. New accessible pathways are being constructed across the Furman Mall to safely allow pedestrians to traverse from the chapel parking lots to the Milford Mall area. In addition, a traffic gate will be installed in the road that leads to the library circle from the Trone Student Center. This gate will be accessed by maintenance and delivery trucks (and others) that need to gain access to the library circle for various reasons. All of these changes are being completed to improve the overall safety by separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic in this heavily used area of campus.

Library cafe

A new coffee shop will be added in the library’s 24-hour study lounge. The cafe will include coffee drinks (cold brew, fresh brewed, espresso, lattes, cappuccino) featuring Due South Coffee from Taylors along with fresh bagels from Greenfield’s and pastries from Upcountry Provisions.  A Grab-n-Go cooler will contain salads, wraps and yogurt. Freshly made smoothies will also be available.  Work is scheduled to begin immediately after commencement and will be completed before the start of fall semester.  In addition to the 24/7 lounge in the library, the lobby of the dining hall will also be available as a 24/7 lounge starting in the fall. The new coffee shop will replace Einstein Bros. Bagels. That area will remain vacant through the 2017-18 academic year.

Lakeside Housing renovation

The final phase of the renovation of Chiles and Gambrell halls will be completed during the summer.  The work will include many of the same changes that were completed in the renovations the last two summers. In addition, the area behind Judson Hall (now used as construction storage) will be renovated and improved with new walks and landscaping.  The Chiles parking lot will be renovated with work beginning in August and completed in October.  The redesigned parking lot will include 40 new spots and be easier to access.

Auditorium renovation

McAlister Auditorium will be renovated over the summer with work beginning in mid-June and completed by late August.  While the structure will look largely the same the interior of will feel much different.  The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is being replaced with a modern, energy-efficient system that include precise temperature and humidity controls. The sound system inside McAlister is also being replaced with a state-of-the-art system that includes new speakers, wiring and control console.  The most significant physical change will be the creation of a concessions area just to the left of the main lobby.

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